Shreya Lamba: Pioneering Motherhood with The Mumum Co.

In the realm of entrepreneurship, Shreya Lamba has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, particularly in the sphere of motherhood and nutrition. As the co-founder of The Mumum Co., Shreya has not only transformed the landscape of baby and toddler nutrition but has also become a beacon for mothers seeking wholesome and nutritious options for their little ones. This article delves into the journey of Shreya Lamba and her significant role in co-founding The Mumum Co.

The Genesis of The Mumum Co.:

Shreya Lamba’s entrepreneurial journey took a poignant turn with the birth of her child. Like many parents, she faced the challenge of finding convenient yet nutritionally rich food options for her little one. Fueled by the desire to provide healthy and tasty alternatives, Shreya, along with her co-founder Farah Nathani Menzies, conceptualized The Mumum Co.

Vision and Mission:

The Mumum Co. was founded with a clear vision – to revolutionize the way parents approach their child’s nutrition. Shreya and Farah aimed to create a brand that offered not just convenience but also a commitment to wholesome, natural ingredients. The mission was to bridge the gap between tasty and nutritious, ensuring that children could enjoy their food while parents had the peace of mind knowing it was beneficial for their growth and development.

Innovation in Baby and Toddler Nutrition:

The Mumum Co. stands out in the market for its innovative approach to baby and toddler nutrition. Shreya Lamba and her team introduced a range of snacks that prioritized real ingredients, eschewing artificial additives and preservatives. From nutrient-packed millet puffs to delectable melt-in-the-mouth rice and jaggery cookies, the offerings from The Mumum Co. redefined the snack game for little ones.

Commitment to Transparency:

Transparency is at the core of The Mumum Co.’s ethos. Shreya Lamba has been vocal about the brand’s commitment to honesty and openness about ingredients, sourcing, and nutritional benefits. This commitment not only builds trust with parents but also sets a standard for the industry, urging others to prioritize transparency in their offerings.

Navigating Challenges:

The journey of co-founding The Mumum Co. has not been without its challenges. Shreya Lamba, along with her team, navigated the complexities of the food industry, from sourcing high-quality ingredients to ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Each challenge became an opportunity for growth, reinforcing The Mumum Co.’s commitment to providing the best for young eaters.

Social Impact and Sustainability:

Beyond the confines of business, Shreya Lamba has been actively involved in initiatives that extend beyond profit margins. The Mumum Co. prioritizes sustainable practices, and Shreya advocates for responsible consumption and waste reduction. This commitment to social impact aligns with the brand’s ethos of holistic well-being for both children and the planet.

Empowering Mothers:

Shreya Lamba’s journey with The Mumum Co. extends beyond entrepreneurship; it is a narrative of empowerment for mothers. By creating a brand that understands the needs of mothers and prioritizes the health of their children, Shreya has become a champion for mothers seeking nutritious and convenient solutions.


Shreya Lamba’s role as the co-founder of The Mumum Co. exemplifies the transformative power of entrepreneurial vision and a commitment to making a positive impact. Through innovative products, transparency, and a dedication to the well-being of children, Shreya has carved a niche in the realm of baby and toddler nutrition. As she continues to lead The Mumum Co. on its journey of growth and impact, Shreya Lamba stands as an inspiring figure for both aspiring entrepreneurs and mothers who seek the best for their little ones.

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