A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Find the Right Keywords for Your Content

The most important aspect of getting the website on top of Google searches is Keyword research. It’s like a goal that provides you right direction. So if we have selected the wrong keywords we are not going to hit the right direction because we will move towards the wrong goal. This article will provide you with insights into Keyword research. We are going to take the help of tools to finalize the keywords. After reading this post you will be able to find the right keywords. Let’s Start
Make a list of all the products and Services that you’re providing to the customers: You need to open your website and start making a list of the services you are providing to your customers. For example, if we are providing Packers and Movers services in India then we can write :

You can also choose your citywide keywords which can be :

  • Movers and Packers Delhi
  • Delhi Movers
  • Hyderabad packers and Movers

Now you have made a list of all the keywords. You need to put these keywords in Google search.

In the Above image we have searched Packers and Movers India on Google.co.in. It is also showing related searches. Now, we will make a list of all of these searches. For example:

  1. Packers and Movers India Price
  2. Packers and Movers Delhi
  3.  Best Packers and Movers in India
  4.  Packers and Movers Chennai
  5.  Packers and movers Bangalore
  6.  Packers and Movers Kolkata
  7.  Packers and Movers India Contact No.
  8.  Packers and Movers Hyderabad

We have noted the keywords by putting “Packers and Movers India” on Google Search. Once we put all these keywords in Google Search, we will have a list of 50+ keywords. Our First Step is complete now.

Step 2: Check for Monthly Searches on these Keywords : It is essential to check the monthly searches on all the keywords because it will help us to know about the competition and determine the time frame we will able to bring these keywords on first page of Google. We will open the Google keyword planner tool and search for all these keywords.

In the Above screenshot, we added the mentioned keywords. We have the essential data about these keywords. As we are searching the SEO keywords, we will check the highlighted columns ie: Keywords, Avg. Monthly Searches and Competition. These will give us detailed information about the Competition on these keywords, by having Average Monthly searches & Competition, we can determine the time frame for ranking these keywords on top of Google Searches.

 Step 3: Analyze Your Competitors: You need to analyze your competitors to get more accurate keywords which can direct the quality traffic to your website. It is not a good practice to assume the competitors. In previous steps we have collected the keywords. We have to put these keywords in Google Searches one by one, and the website which comes most in top page of Google for these keywords are our competitor.

You need to create an Excel sheet and start checking for the keywords one by one. The top three competitors will be the websites that are performing well for these keywords and have top rankings for most of our keywords. The below screenshot will be helpful in maintaining the data.

Now you have finalized the top competitors, we will check their top performing keywords. We will use the Spyfu.com.  Once we enter the website link, it will show us the traffic and ranking data of website as shown in below image.

This tool will provide information about the most beneficial keywords of Competitors. Which keywords are bringing most no. of clicks and which keywords are main source of traffic etc. You can add those keywords to your keywords list and start working on them.

In this blog post, you have learned about the most powerful way to select the relevant and most beneficial SEO keywords. The keyword research is the fundamental part of SEO and it determine the success or failure of our Search Engine optimization efforts. You can write your thoughts in the comment section about any confusion.

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